FNX, Sees, Chris Rivers – Can’t Out Rap Me (featuring Chris Rivers And Sees) [Symphonic Distribution]

Inspired by the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, the three rappers each delivered gold medal-eminence performances of 16 bars a helping. At a measure when rap music seems to be mired in utensil-gun delivering of auto-tuned, spill the beans-inexpensively lyrics, FNX has check in forth with his sophomore sole hand out of "Argot Out Rap Me," featuring Chris Rivers, son of the till giant fiction of Hip Hop Big Pun, and introducing up and coming rap artist SeeS. The purpose of recording "Can't Out Rap Me" was to government solely and powerfully that in hip hop music today, #LyricsStillMatter. Distributed By Symphonic Giving out –

Chris Rivers, Sees, FNX - Can't Out Rap Me (feat. Chris Rivers & SeeS) (Original Mix)