FMNT, J-Trax, Audio Damage, Audio Damage – Remix Ep [Lifestyle (AAA)]

Featured Rails: FMNT Mix

FMNT delivers a nucleus crunching rebound on this remix of Meltdown, you receive to halt this out! Featured Road: J-Trax Mix

J-Trax has been pioneering his quality now for totally some age, this remix of Supajam is famed! Audio wreck is known for his massive melodies and pounding kicks, Gates Of Ordeal showcased his abilities, new kids to the mark Oppozite Twinz do an epic remix of Slammin! Inverted bass ruler J-Trax entirely nails his remix of Supajam with those mountainous synths and melodies, termination but not least FMNT is a new reputation to the crowd, make no flub, this is his biggest regulate yet! Featured Way: Audio Mutilation Mix

Big era maker Audio Disfigure delivers the goods on his rigid as nails rework of Gates Of Infernal regions, epic downfall and beast leads, right-minded what the doctor ordered!! Featured Keep up with: Oppozite Twinz Mix

These guys are patently showcasing their skills, uplifting, pounding, flinty, zesty, this remix of Slammin has it all! Mammoth Remix EP! This Remix EP is unforgettable! A should maintain for all you hardstyle heads! Railroad Info:

Lifestyle is unquestionably thrilling brash with evolving the harder side!

Hardforze - Gates Of Hell (Audio Damage Mix)
Hardforze - Slammin (Oppozite Twinz Mix)
Audio Damage, Hardforze - Supajam (J-Trax Mix)
Hardforze - Meltdown (FMNT Mix)