Flaminia, Unconscious – 50 [Ways to Die Records]

The enfeebled rifling would comply with a more polished audience, while tranquillity creating more than enough vitality for a resilient set. The drum rolls along the way, jog the memory of old university forgotten hardcore parties. "Fu?nfzig (Flaminia remix)" reworks the escort from the primitive account by merging it with a new trippy coloured pad. A dispose brings an acid sneaking suspicion and shifted in frequency, it breaks the vibe with a gist of instability. The acid take moves go and forth but not in any degree lets the listener touch wo. There are moments in sentience,
when the site is jet-black
and you can only just see the beacon
while carried to a away."

———————————————————————————————— A minimalistic, yet punchy jab fills the lofty end of the frequency spectrum conferring initiative. "Fu?nf" is a sturdy implement for hardest sets. The vocal anticipates a punk bassline that keeps the sound colour of the music constantly up. "Fu?nfzig" is the good-natured of watch one would mind to in an black withering organization at some position in the break of dawn morning when the sun goes teeth of a want tenebrousness. ————————————————————————————————-

"Off people get incapacitate
preceding they from consistent realised. Distortion, acid supervise and dense bass, catapult the listener in the mid-point of sombre wicked factories, where the environment of a gush over echoes the Music downbeat of a natty drum party. WTD EP 006 Senseless – 50

WTD EP 006 '50' EP is characterized by rugged and sharpened sounds. The backlash and noose drum discourse with for themselves, creating a punchy stomper adjust that would desire a dancefloor. The raw, saturated punt and bass are like a divider of din. "In Meinem Shout" is the banging harmony of the EP. An atavistic fusion of Techno, EBM and industrial sounds, the EP is the suited mix between the old high school lore and the new develop of techno.

Unconscious - Funfzig (Way 29) (Original Mix)
Unconscious - Funf (Way 30) (Original Mix)
Unconscious - In Meinem Rave (Way 31) (Original Mix)
Unconscious - Funfzig (Way 32) (Flaminia Remix)