Finalflash – Gravel Zombies [Boundless Records]

Josh tallie has been active with music product since 2007 and has been a DJ in the south african psy half-conscious work since 2008 covered by the alias Ninja jack and has performed at some of SA's biggest indoor and outside festivals such as Rhino Chamber, Earthdance, Groovy troopers, psynoptics, Vortex, Occupation , Reboot, Spectrum and diverse more. Unbounded Records current Rare Version A two division full of pep psychedelic living act of Robert J Dalton and Joshua Tallie. Robert Dalton has been producing music for all 16 years starting with hiphop at the age of 12 that has greatly hollow the mellifluous exposure of his calling playing with coordinated the dough and quirky sounds, fat basslines and jammed forming he molds an perilous circumstance

Finalflash - Gravel Zombies (Original Mix)
Finalflash - Shapeshifter (Original Mix)