Filippo Diamantini, Kapibara – Nevrotica Ep [Musica Autonomica]

Ambassador of deep, electronic dance groove with massive synths and ethereal atmosphere. Thats how Filippo describes himself as producer and DJ.

The Italian producer made two deep and dark techno tunes for Musica Autonomica that will deliver in the club. Nevrotica is a bass monster and Flowers & Promised goes into deep, hypnotic synth stab land. The dutch trio Kapibara have delivered a remix for Nevrotica, which takes a small synth line of the original and makes an epic floor mix out of it.

Filippo Diamantini - Nevrotica (Kapibara Remix)
Filippo Diamantini - Nevrotica (Original Mix)
Filippo Diamantini - Flowers & Promises (Original Mix)