Fideles, Falki Hoz, Retza – Backlog [Lo-Fi-45]

Backlog sucks you in. With its recognizable yet bizarre funk and a seamless mix of orchestral and biotic time, we fancy youre continuing up for this. Aid from sowing his melodic oats on the dancefloors of Berlin, RETZA returns to Lo-Fi-45 with Backlog. On the remix fa, Frances FALKI HOZ gives us his quirky select on Backlog with a shadier rendition of the scratch, utilising quivering mallet tones to set the vibe, while Italian duo FIDELES go one spoor darker again with their unfathomable techy cut, perfected for those tardy vespers all the time/originally AM slots. His aftermost one on Lo-Fi-45, Projections was supported round the orb by the likes of SUPERLOUNGE and Rollicking Trannie, while current releases subsume a collab with Frances YokoO on very regarded labels All Day I Vision and Watergate Recordings, as agreeably as a on one’s own contribution on Australias Unrestricted Records. Youll be bouncing circa, shaking your limbs along in no age. Performing shows at two of Berlins have to-see stops on any dedicated clubbers junket, the outrageous Aureate Audience and Chalet nightclubs, RETZA is finance and hes brought along some ecumenical extract to this unloose.

Retza - Backlog (Original Mix)
Retza - Backlog (Falki Hoz Remix)
Retza - Backlog (Fideles Remix)