Fernando Toth – Lejos De Mi [Privilege World Music]

Produced and composed in brimming by Fernando, Lejos de M counts with the ease of Luciano Fortuny in bass guitar and Brand Lahsen in mixing an mastering. Fernando Toth introduces himself with his launch EP, tempting you to involve in a greatly layered, hypnotic transit of pumping beats and thick atmospherics. It's a sonic enquiry of the self, that engages both capacity and masses to win them to strange territories. Above all constructed in every direction the sampler, Lejos de M combines green recordings, digital and analog synths, flog programming and fundamental instrumentation to hammer out a individual, insoluble five tracks aim as a sound acquaintance, a oversight into don abstract, multi-textured soundscapes that body into intensively regular, drum-onerous shamanic trances.

Fernando Toth - Fuera (A) (Original Mix)
Fernando Toth - Lejos de Casa (Original Mix)
Fernando Toth - Fuera (B) (Original Mix)
Fernando Toth - Lejos de MI (Original Mix)
Fernando Toth - Fuera (C) (Original Mix)