Fed Conti, Emi Iron, Indiano – Black Sunrise [VEKTOR Traks]
[V V / 5] // Offer hospitality to Indiano in the Vektor Traks one’s own flesh! Each unloose is classified from 1 to 5 ""V"" which experience for the look density and music complicatedness of the chronicle. For more info roughly Indiano

Identification InfoVEKTOR is Techno. The uniform as for the pass out's artwork, more visual elements expect more sounds, more linear images for least music compositions. This earliest ep from the italian regisseur inlcuding 2 indigenous tracks and 2 remixes by Emi Iron (aka il Predicatore) & Fed Conti takes you in a mystical melodic techno route opulent in extrasensorial soundscapes, rising teeny-weeny by Lilliputian like a Jet-black SUNRIRE. For more info:
:// Acceptable job Indiano.

Indiano - Inside Me (Original Mix)
Indiano - Inside Me (Emi Iron Remix)
Indiano - Irreversible (Fed Conti Remix)
Indiano - Irreversible (Original Mix)