Fear The Priest, Jane Void, Flim – Psychological Love [Maetta]

FLIM – Psychological Love EP
Maetta is proud to present what is likely its most cerebral release to date, the Psychological Love EP, from Thai-Canadian producer Flim a melancholic and melodic 2-track EP that retains its dance-worthiness despite the headier grooves.
First up is Love Manipulation, the 3rd collaboration between Torontos Jane Void and Flim. Void, the hypnotic vocalist of the electro-pop group Some Minor Noise, is represented here thru a glitchy psychedelic vocal line mixed over a funky tech groove that is both driving and chilled out at the same time, penetrating the mind at just the right BPM. Fear The Priest adds his signature modern take on acid house sounds to create a remix fitting of anything from deep house and minimal to glitch sets alike. Psychological love features Flims own reverbed vocals ringing out to a moody and melodic beat that ebbs and flows amidst the trance inducing bassline and acid synth swells. His talent for subtly blending genres and moods is on full display with this track, leaving listeners with a nostalgic feeling that keeps heads bopping and hearts the big drop for a chugging groove, Psychological Love is a shade darker, fitting of any true lover of the genre

Flim, Jane Void - Love Manipulation (Original Mix)
Flim - Psychological Love (Original Mix)
Flim, Jane Void - Love Manipulation (Fear The Priest Remix)