FDF (Italy) – Sensation [Nylo Music]

NYLO is pleased to welcome FDF (Italy) with his latest 2 track EP 'Sensation' to the label. The EP opens with the title track 'Sensation' a great club beat, which showcases great sampling work by creating different climates all building around a killer funk groove, lots of trickery, naughty bass, ever growing synth progressions, killer vocal in the break and sweet additions will make this one a memorable one when dropped at any club. Need we say more?

Next up is 'Alma' an amalgamation of rugged bass tones, subtle drum programming and cleverly chopped piano samples and intricately weaved chord progressions, building to a beautiful breakdown before gradually rebuilding the elements to a unrelenting crescendo of breathy drum licks, chord stabs, utilizing a hypnotizing groove as the basis of the track underpinned by a staccatoed bass that gradually eases its way to it's climax of percussive elements before unleashing into a rising melodic hook intertwined with infectious rhythms.

FDF (Italy) definitely managed to build the perfect tool to get you in the mood for a big night out. We are extremely happy to once again be bringing you a high quality NYLO release that was made from the heart and for the whole universe to enjoy. Keep on dancing!! FDF (Italy) -Sensation EP will hit stores worldwide on July 11th, 2016.

FDF (Italy) - Sensation (Original Mix)
FDF (Italy) - Alma (Original Mix)