Fatt Bass, Vysotskiy, Arturo Gioia, Amorph AA – All In A Daze [Techno LogyX]

Various Artists – All In A Daze is the latest release on Techno LogyX.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Amorph AA, Ermak - All In A Daze (Original Mix)
B.Luke - A Voice From The Lake (Original Mix)
B.Luke - Discovering (Original Mix)
DJ Sedatophobia - Deep Grooves (Original Mix)
DJ Sedatophobia - Whop Your Body (Original Mix)
DJ Sedatophobia - Whop Your Body (Vysotskiy Remix)
Dmitry Hot - Bad Dream (Fatt Bass Remix)
Dmitry Hot - To Leave & Forget (Original Mix)
Arturo Gioia - Hypnotic Orgasm (Original Mix)
Arturo Gioia - No Time (Original Mix)
DJ Sedatophobia - Push It On (Original Mix)