Fassi, Alessandro Diga, Hells Kitchen, Nato Medrado – You [Univack]

He is absolutely a acc known esteem in the spanish classification discography, having two solo EP´s released in the quondam ("Wordless EP" in 2013 and "Evolving EP" in 2016). In this third appereance in Univack, the predominating primary sliver by Nato ("You") it´s followed by three continuous interpretations. Brazilian artist Nato Medrado, one of the most inspiring southamerican profound producers nowadays, is the choosen one to manage this new Prog-Dwelling unshackle in Univack Records. The canadian Fassi (Re:Tone), the russian Hells Caboose (Handbook / PFL) and the dutch Alessandro Diga (Particles / InLab). In the end of this year, he is thriving to let go his launching LP in one of the biggest difficult clan labels out there (it´s a secretive yet). 4 tracks guided by dancefloor oriented melodies, gargantuan strings, mysterious atmospheres and hefty epic breakdowns.

Nato Medrado - You (Original Mix)
Nato Medrado - You (Hells Kitchen Remix)
Nato Medrado - You (Alessandro Diga Remix)
Nato Medrado - You (Fassi Remix)