Fake Self, HUT., Loris Zerola – Boston George Ep [Karunga Muusika]

All three tracks on this EP from Loris Zerola be undergoing momentous groovy bass lines. H Self takes Negrita to his driving family on design with Garage influenced bass and a ample backlash. Chocolope is a more stripped uphold romance with chopped vocals and glitchy synth sounds. Negrita goes down a more tribal course with its percussion also with some Brobdingnagian layered and chopped spear and female vocals. Droning synth sounds press this road incredibly hypnotic. On remix duties are Karunga Muusika regulars HUT. HUT. as successfully as Modify Self who we own been following some period. Accompanied by percussion that resolve provoke all dancefloors. remix Chocolope using the key elements of track and truly blending them with their signature synth dense look. Conduct watch Boston George features layered vocals blended with piano and synth stabs.

Loris Zerola - Boston George (Original Mix)
Loris Zerola - Chocolope (Original Mix)
Loris Zerola - Negrita (Original Mix)
Loris Zerola - Chocolope (HUT. Remix)
Loris Zerola - Negrita (Fake Self Remix)