Face+Heel, Vincent Cavanagh, Worriedaboutsatan – Blank Tape [This Is It Forever]

Helpless Tape is the third album from worriedaboutsatan. The issue is a record brimming with ideas: melancholic piano codas ramble into pulsing synths processed guitars hint and evaporate whilst an array of year drum machines wax & subsidence throughout. Its stony to believe Discomfited Tape is sole the third worriedaboutsatan tell of but after their other enterprise the more techno focused Ghosting Condition ended this year the body decided to think on worriedaboutsatan with no other distractions. Marking their 10th anniversary year in chic the band hit the course back in April and havent stopped since playing part from a crowded out Brudenell Communal Club in Leeds to shows at Liverpool and Manchester Academies and measured opening for Underworld at the inaugural Bluedot fete at Jodrell Bank in Cheshire. The confederate comprised of Gavin Miller & Thomas Ragsdale was in hibernation for a five year stretchability just after the unshackle of their individual Heart Sentinel back in 2010 but reappeared decisive year with Set Temper their key album in half a decade. This year shouldve seen them slow-paced down but worriedaboutsatan arent in actuality ones for hanging wide. Vocal contributions arrive courtesy of Vincent Cavanagh from Liverpudlian prog toss band Anathema on the racing fervid This Excitable Wing and Bristolian electronica duo FaceHeel on the gradual burning Mourning.

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