Face Deep, Da Gorden, Lavista D – Soulful Talks [Lav2Rais Media]

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Bookings: 0794334802 It has been produced and conflicting by Lavista D. Each slot is unrivalled and has its own have to do with with a superb serene chords. Lavista D-Profound Talks Net
Artist: Lavista D
Documentation of ownership: Expressive Talks
Coupling no: Lav 033

Emotional Talks its an Ep with five melodic expressive lodgings tunes, contains piano pet, that speaks to your mettle.

Lavista D - Feel Me (Soulful Mix)
Lavista D - Angels Touch (Soulful Mix)
Lavista D - Emotions (Soulful Mix)
Lavista D - Its A Soulful Thing (Soulful Mix)
Lavista D, Da Gorden, Face Deep - Blessings (Soulful Mix)