F.G. Noise, Arnoud van der Werf – Nostalgia [Amsterdam Trance Records (RazNitzanMusic)]

A uninterrupted set up and pounding drums present way to a splendid piano distillation in advance of blasting into brim-full hands in the air happiness. FACEBOOK |

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YOUTUBE | There is at best one fashion formerly larboard to do… Utilize and With Ostentatious! Outcry contain pulled out all the stops in the studio as 'Nostalgia' takes soaring from thrash one. Arnoud van der Werf and F.G. It's space for some sombre Uplifting here on Amsterdam Hypnotic Records as two up and coming producers link forces for a in all honesty epic collaboration.

Arnoud van der Werf, F.G. Noise - Nostalgia (Original Mix)