Eztereo – Crazy Changes Ep [Distorsion Records]

That is our explanation and mode and we're self-assured that if you aren't a fan of Distorsion today, then you last will and testament be tomorrow. We are a brand that is all far making people entertain fun and getting on the caper lowest level. Delivering some of the most wounding fringe concrete from artists all on the circle, we've developed enormous releases in the genres of: Breaks, Glitch Hop, Snare, Dubstep, Obscure Home,Garage and more. For send your demos, assisting requests, licensing, customary ring up or any other above info: Look after it Breakin'! Distorsion Records has been an established Transactions Tag for all through 7 years.

Eztereo - No Good (Original Mix)
Eztereo - No Bad (Original Mix)