Ezel Bayacou Instrumental Mix, Ezel Bayacou Mix – Atjazz Tweak, Ezel Bayacou Mix, Ezel – Get Down Ep [Local Talk]

Music has always played a major part in Ezel's life. Having done remix work for labels such as Yoruba, King Street and Reel People and working with artists such as Tortured Soul, Daz-I-Kue, AtJazz, John Arnold & Jeremy Ellis it's now time to welcome Ezel to the Local Talk family with "Get Down".

Opening is the title track "Get Down (Original Mix)", with it's immersive chords, bumping bassline and the help from the unmistakeable vocal talents of Tumelo, it's house the way we like it. Both soulful and deep,

On the b-side Ezel serves us a remix of Get Down. There's no denying in that there's a strong Onsulade Envision-esq feel to this one – and that's a good thing. An absolute must for every DJ's bag, trust us. Finally production heavyweight Atjazz revisits the glory of the Bayacou Mix but focusing more on the finer tweaks, it's all in the details folks.

As digital bonus tracks we get two instrumental mixes to complete the package.

Ezel, Tumelo - Get Down (Original Mix)
Ezel, Tumelo - Get Down (Ezel Bayacou Mix Remix)
Ezel, Tumelo - Get Down (Ezel Bayacou Mix - Atjazz Tweak)
Ezel, Tumelo - Get Down (Instrumental Mix)
Ezel, Tumelo - Get Down (Ezel Bayacou Instrumental Mix)