Eyes Behind the Veil – Empathy [Hush Hush]

Eyes Behind the Veil is the solo alias of Chicago's Michael Tenzer, a bedroom musician and purveyor of fuzzy textures, dreamy melodies, and warm lo-fi vibes. His sophomore album Empathy is a woozy, womb-like journey through hypnotic ambient/drone/pop terrain, encased in washes of warped guitar, ghostly vocal melodies, and gauzy atmospheric synths. The album marks his first release for Seattle-based label Hush Hush Records following the debut album Besides, released last year through his own Wild Patterns imprint, as well as an EP for the underground label EverythingIsChemical. Continuing to evolve and improve upon his smeary and ethereal sound with each release, Empathy embodies a transcendent tone throughout, allowing his glacial soundscapes to yield a cathartic and meditative listening experience. A thoroughly intimate and cinematic album best experienced in solitary or with someone special close, Eyes Behind The Veil's latest works reveal a hazy, emotional style akin to indie darlings Grouper, Benoit Pioulard, and White Poppy, while also nodding to influential icons such as Angelo Badalamenti, Cocteau Twins, and Slowdive. Press play, space out, and be absorbed into the welcoming transportive world of Empathy.

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