Evandro Schiavon, VLX, Stek mx, Manuel Trujillo – Valley’s Breeze Vol.3 [Coldwave Records]

Distributed By Symphonic Apportionment – Coldwave Records presents the 'Valley's Zephyr Vol.3'. This brand new immersive gathering of chilling tunes presents the Icy Out/ Atmospheric Breaks bother 'Looking At The Stars' by Manuel Trujillo, the Ague Out/ Ambient trail 'Feelings' by Stek mx, the Atmospheric Breaks/ Following Bass fabrication 'YSL' by VLX and the reward footprints re-hand out 'Sunshower 224' by Evandro Schiavon. A set that is assured successful to command your day. This uncommon thematic compilation choice get you to strut all your thinking fascinating you to magical worlds and support you reward cheery times you lived, designed for those who like melodic and torpid songs with a come of beats, this untie last wishes as send you "on a be conscious of stumble" with its sleek, satiny and uplifting sections.

Manuel Trujillo - Looking At The Stars (Original Mix)
Stek mx - Feelings (Original Mix)
VLX - YSL (Original Mix)
Evandro Schiavon - Rain 224 (Original Mix)