Etienne Ozborne, Will Gold, Celeda – The Underground [Great Stuff Recordings]

The Canadian DJ & Producer Etienne Ozborne supplies us with two summer dancefloor-highlights that we can not wait to get into your hands. Starting off with 'The Underground' a co-production with Brighton's Will Gold. Perfect New York style big room vibes, with plenty of delay and reverb effect work – packed into five and a half minutes of pure euphoria. Celeda's vocals are the icing on this tasty house cake.

Etienne's solo track 'Feel It Together' picks up the same pace while exploring deeper frequencies. Fresh in your face beats, and the haunting repetitive vocals make this one an instant keeper. The perfectly structured break downs set free wild amounts of energy.

Celeda, Will Gold, Etienne Ozborne - The Underground feat. Celeda (Original Mix)
Etienne Ozborne - Feel It Together (Original Mix)