Espen – Recording Waves [Looq Records]

"Recording Waves" is the newest release from one of Norway's finest producers. The title track is an atmospheric dreamscape anchored by chunky grooves and a weighty chug. "Sour" is actually made of sweet techno that flirts with minimal but ultimately evolves to reveal several peaks with gorgeous high vistas. Stunning work!

Espen belongs to a small cadre of Norwegian producers who have defined that country's contribution to the progressive, tech house and techno genres. He began producing in 2003 year at the age of 20, with early success coming in the form of singles being picked up for radio play and compilation release by Armin van Buuren. Since then Espen has released music on a long list of notable labels including Vapour, Red Flag Collective, Baroque, and Looq Records.

Espen - Recording Waves (Original Mix)
Espen - Sour (Original Mix)