Eryck Wyseman, Pandhora, Northman – We Belong Together [Art Vibes Music]

This EP is provided with two remixes, Pandhora's surrogate story of 'We Be affiliated Together' is darker and takes a completely conflicting compare with from the primary. The cardinal holding is uplifting and reminds us of the balmy vibes of summer. The subsequent one, more melancholic, invites us to a magnificent and reassuring ballad. In his Launch EP, Northman, offers us two distinguishable, yet cohesive tracks combining old high school sounds and abstruse vocals. Wyseman's remix of 'From Darkness To Lamplight' gives the starting a groovier company congenial vibe. Resemble-sound, 'We bound to together' is a unique issue for Art Vibes Music.

Northman - We Belong Together (Original Mix)
Northman - We Belong Together (Pandhora Remix)
Northman - From Darkness To Light (Original Mix)
Northman - From Darkness To Light (Eryck Wyseman Remix)