Ernesto Paredano – Tramonto Ep [Tanama Records]

An advantageous line that builds up using the unaltered key elements, an perpetually changing aspect of sounds that cause to remember us of bright skies, crystalline distilled water and unwrinkled beats. Mixing dwelling-place beats with tropical sway to set the humour, Paredano lays the base for a path filled with hypnotic vocals that legitimately ring like a unsophisticated lead-pipe cinch from the Caribbean. For the bruised line, 'Tramonto', Paredano continues to industry cosmic beats that provender him with a road that's bubbling with tricky changes, and another calming organ that sits consummately in the midway of its soign rhythms. The pre-eminent EP from Paredano for Tanama Records, Tramonto, arrives in July 30th, and the rhythms of 'Brisa' are the unexcelled introduction. Closing things off is 'Freco', this period Paredano lets the music do the talking.

Ernesto Paredano - Brisa (Original Mix)
Ernesto Paredano - Tramonto (Original Mix)
Ernesto Paredano - Freco (Original Mix)