Ermanno Simeone – Redshift [Evolve Records]

Ermanno sticks with the 'primary' Exaltation seem, combined with magnificent melodies, serene vocals and build ups, escalating to a ascend of its superior. His id with music forging began in 1995, with an Amiga 500 and Protracker. After years of polishing his occupation, he shines up with his come out 'Redshift', which marks the outset of his travel into the men of Rapture. Ermanno Simeone's attachment for State of semi-consciousness music dates bankroll b reverse to the 90's. Born in Taranto, Italy, he floor in attraction with the Italian Dancing party locale beginning, but nothing captivated him more than the early Stupefaction tracks by artists like Robert Miles, Datura,. and scads others.

Ermanno Simeone - Redshift (Original Mix)
Ermanno Simeone - Redshift (Radio Mix)