Erika K – Sahara / Ghana [Tangled Audio]

Erika K is go on Tangled Audio with her next blistering EP 'Sahara & Ghana'. Flexuous plucks flown to the classification which is angelic and filled with weakened pianos and a gated vocal. Sahara is the oldest watch with a excited but granular electronic sounding bassline, keen percussion. Another tremendous manipulate to this one. Ghana is a more uplifting many with it's acute powered bassline and thrilled vocal hits all the way through. Lifted in to the downfall with sexual plucks, strings and pianos. A vast influence at the globule lifts this to the stars in the sky of state of semi-consciousness music. It builds to a crescendo which is wonderful way of plucks/pianos, take stabs, pads.

Erika K - Sahara (Original Mix)
Erika K - Ghana (Original Mix)
Erika K - Sahara (Radio Edit)
Erika K - Ghana (Radio Edit)