Eric Sharp, Zhao – The Thirst [Liftoff Recordings]

Interweaving counci beats, communicable melodies, and catchy vocals, his tracks win the listener on a course of striation and quintessence. Coming off of numerous appearances on Hypem's trendy table, Eric has cracked the corpus juris with his incomparable procure on blood music and has chosen the Disco Fries' imprint for his next endeavor. 'The Hanker for' is no distinctive; Zhao delivers a breathtaking vocal that enthralls every ounce of you while Mr. Eric Keen is making his Liftoff Recordings launching with 'The Desire' featuring Zhao. Eric looks to climax out what has already been an inspiring 2016 with this ride, keeping his blurred on delivering wits bending music that connects on a deeper constant. Smart's construction soothes the heart in a superlative make up for of balance and bass.

Zhao, Eric Sharp - The Thirst (Radio Edit)
Zhao, Eric Sharp - The Thirst (Extended Mix)