Eric Shans, Slav Ka – Endless [3Bridge Records]

Ukraine born, Brooklyn, NY based producer Slav Ka gives us a slice of some truly original techno sounds with his release ‘Endless’. This is Slav Ka’s first release with the 3Bridge Records and it also features a remix by one of the label’s heads, Eric Shans.

All 3 of Slav Ka’s mixes on this release are all rich with elegant drum workouts, syncopated synth rhythms, and dark, interstellar undertones filling the aural spectrum. The original mix is an 11+ minute journey into the outer reaches of the planet, where the light is dim, yet seen intermittently passing in the shadows. The ‘Slow Death Mix’ dials down the energy a bit, but equally as beautifully dark, and ‘The Last Mix’ goes the raw route with a mildly acidic bass line bubbling throughout the tough kick drums and and patterns.

The ‘Eric’s Planet Is Burning Mix’ mix takes all of these elements and brings then into a menacing tech-house framework, with tripped out voices, huge drums, cutting bass lines, and the touch of melody that Eric is known for.

Step into the musical galaxy called ‘Endless’ and take a ride.

Slav Ka - Endless (Original Mix)
Slav Ka - Endless (Eric's Planet Is Burning Mix)
Slav Ka - Endless (Slow Death Mix)
Slav Ka - Endless (The Last Mix)