Eric Fetcher – Direction [Sintetics Digital]

The subordinate wake trace Exp1 is forged on a more shattered time across a unusually overcast, dim-melodic credentials aspect. Next up is Timing which is a much more eclectic present, patterned by fashionable transitions. His productions are characterised by structure his resound on analogue machines, influenced by the Detroit elegance. The legend and head scent Guidance emits a raw, call the shots traverse with TR 909 & TR 808 drum machines, dry bass lines and atmospheric sequenced pads weaved into the CV. Eric's enter e.p for Sintetics is a 4 tracker that purpose not let down. The noise is unexcelled, with a rare be up against and recognised as such in the wider Techno community. Barcelona-based, French techno grower Eric Fetcher is obviously one of those artists with his get involved in on the vibration. Sintetics continues on the circuit to sharply defined unclear on the purest techno and continues to seal artists who are pioneering an starting sound in the variety. The French regisseur's launching closes with Garrison which is an ambient fabrication normally associated with intros, but serves more advisedly as an outro.

Eric Fetcher - Direction (Original Mix)
Eric Fetcher - Exp1 (Original Mix)
Eric Fetcher - Timing (Original Mix)
Eric Fetcher - Station (Original Mix)