?Equip? – ?i Dreamed Of A Palace In The Sky? [Dream Catalogue]

Electronic music – an astounding symbiosis of cultural traditions from nearly the society

?Equip? - Startup-_ New Game (Original Mix)
?Equip? - I Dreamed of a Palace in the Sky ~Opening Credits~ (Original Mix)
?Equip? - Equip Menu X (Character Customization) (Original Mix)
?Equip? - The Dream Begins (Outside the Gates) (Original Mix)
?Equip? - Another Way In (Sewers) (Original Mix)
?Equip? - Lichen-Encrusted Chamber (Original Mix)
?Equip? - Hidden Grotto ~Frozen in Time~ (Original Mix)
?Equip? - D r u i d s (Encounter) (Original Mix)
?Equip? - D r e a m c o r r i d o r (Original Mix)
?Equip? - Hunting (D r e a m s of the Overworld) (Original Mix)
?Equip? - Passage of Shifting Floors-_ Collapse (Original Mix)
?Equip? - D u n g e o n (Original Mix)
?Equip? - Passage Into the Mirror of Truth (Reflections of the Self) (Original Mix)
?Equip? - Identity (Original Mix)
?Equip? - Re - Energized (Groundskeeping) (Original Mix)
?Equip? - Peaceful Clearing (Original Mix)
?Equip? - Moonlit Chamber (S a n d & S n a k e s) (Original Mix)
?Equip? - The Staff (Original Mix)
?Equip? - Ascending S k y w a r d (Original Mix)
?Equip? - Skytrot (Original Mix)
?Equip? - Spherical Floating Gardens (Original Mix)
?Equip? - S t e a m w o r k s (Original Mix)
?Equip? - Cloud Generator (Original Mix)
?Equip? - Reunited (Original Mix)
?Equip? - Continue_ (Original Mix)