enTraance – Nebraska [Symphonic Distribution]

enTraance calls this new comfort of music 'Baroque Breakbeat', as it combines the sensibilities of Baroque music played on strings with novel breakbeats and synthesizers. The album is a bent dispatch to the style of Nebraska, and the spread over art is made of pictures entranced from the residency. enTraance blends propulsive, twisted rhythms; edgy and combative synthesizers; with blanket, splendid strings. 'Nebraska' was composed by enTraance composer/percussionist Andrew Turpening during a 2014 Composer Residency at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska Conurbation, NE. Distributed By Symphonic Deployment – 'Nebraska' is the initiation of album of Match Cities, MN based corps enTraance.

enTraance - Sandhill (Original Mix)
enTraance - Lied (Original Mix)
enTraance - Arbor, Robra (Original Mix)
enTraance - Bounce (Original Mix)
enTraance - Peru (Original Mix)
enTraance - Lyceum (Original Mix)
enTraance - Sandhill (Reprise) (Original Mix)