Endless Quest – Encalta Foura [Endless Quest]

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Endless Mission – Encalta Foura |Anniversary Edition|
Make available Date – May ||
Catalog Party |ENDQUE071|


Textere Oris and Qeight – Peaceyes
Everlasting Wave – That Day, When We Were Secure
– And I'm Opinion Young Again
Tony Sit – Dangle Time
Vinich and Anthony Bartone – Under the aegis the Time
Dream Twice – A substitute alternatively of Yellow
Vena Portae – Wolf's Dreams
Georgy Om – What is Not


Encalta Foura – это ежегодное, юбилейное издание, в которое вошли 8 самых лучших работ изданных на Everlasting Quest! All Rights Retiring ORIGINAL Version


That Day, When We Were Fasten

And I'm Awareness Young Again

Stretch Time

In the course the Time

Preferably of Yellow

Wolf's Dreams

What is Not


Written by Textere Oris, Qeight, Unbounded Wave, , Tony Sit, Vinich, Anthony Bartone, Hallucination Twice, Vena Portae, Georgy Om
Hide Design Edited, Cross-bred and Produced by Eternal Quest
Reverberate Produced and Mastering by Textere Oris and Qeight
Art is enchanted from a medley of sources that are unrestrainedly available on the web

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Endless Quest - Encalta Foura (Original Mix)