endgame, Letta, Eaves, WWWINGS – Chimera Ep [Purple Tape Pedigree]

In the last year, a mutant cacophony has funneled up from the region of Eurasia/Eastern
Europe, simply known as WWWINGS. Comprised of members LIT INTERNET, LIT
DAW, and LIT EYNE, this veiled trio has been using the World Wide Web as an avenue
by which to fortify their ideas of self-distribution and collaboration – an extraordinary
production unit among a global collective promoting anti-genre through fusion to further
blur the definition of "club-appropriate" electronic music. After a handful of releases,
WWWINGS unites with NYC's Purple Tape Pedigree imprint to co-present CHIMERA – a 6-tracker anarchic in both its sonics and cross-combination of talent.
Through relentless pace and unpredictable moments of aural assault, CHIMERA seems to simulate a head-on encounter with the mythological creature from which the EP gets its name. The title track cradles the senses in layered synth utopia until a cavernous pulse erupts through the long-drawn serenity, ripping the track into IDM-tinged warfare.
"WYVERN" similarly shifts from shadows of a trance-like arpeggio cast over rolling ambience to a metallic dancehall riddim ornamented by ballroom crashes, ending in a freakish call/response of rap-worthy lumber and Lord-knows-what. "ZMEY" closes the side of originals with WWWINGS joined by Geng (PTP) and Bobby Johnson (Beyonce "7/11," Que "OG Bobby Johnson") – orchestrating a frantic Hellstorm of gut-wrenching noise and rattling sub bass. The 2nd half of the EP is armed with remixes ranging from a machine gun drum march by Eaves (PTP), to heavy-weightless chaos by Letta (Coyote Records), to a dembow-led frenzy as enforced by frequent WWWINGS collaborator, Endgame (PTP/Hyperdub). As the myth suggests, CHIMERA is a hybrid beast.

WWWINGS - CHIMERA (Original Mix)
WWWINGS - WYVERN (Original Mix)
WWWINGS, Geng, Bobby Johnson - ZMEY feat. Geng feat. Bobby Johnson (Original Mix)
WWWINGS - WYVERN (Letta Remix)
WWWINGS - CHIMERA (Endgame Remix)