Empress Of, Pional – When Love Hurts [Counter Records]

Inspired by liking and bereavement, this four street collecting is the denouement of Pional pronouncement the belief to add pop melodies and his own vocals to his wide, constrained electronics. When 'The Way You Like' closes out the gleaning, Empress Of's featuring vocal provides a amazing epilogue to this striking EP. He also toured with lyrical like-minds The XX, manumit an EP with Childlike Turks. Pional's latest EP, and his prime for Piece Records, marks something of a breakthrough for the teenaged Spanish Canada entrepreneur. When Leaning Hurts arrives as not however his most intimate trade to steady old-fashioned, but his A-one. The issue brings to memory New Sequence reimagined by Zomby, or some of Metronomy's finest moments. 'Accident,' 'Of My Recollection' and 'As Days Was Brief By,' all vocalled by the inexperienced Madrid musician, contend in out as the anatomy of a breakup. After a fertile few years, which include seen him trek with recurrent formation collaborator John Talabot, which won a place in Dwelling Advisor's coveted Pre-eminent 20 Energetic Acts.

Pional - Casualty (Original Mix)
Pional - Of My Mind (Original Mix)
Pional - As Time Was Passing By (Original Mix)
Pional, Empress Of - The Way That You Like feat. Empress Of (Original Mix)