Emilove, Emiliano Naples, Emiliano Naples, Emilove – We Love Emilove [Catslovebass]

In this compilation you keep practically all the material Emilove released with us, including remixes he has done for other artists. We force him all the unexcelled for his new adventure and some time ago again we'd like to recognition him for his remarkable seem and register him our deepest rapture! We'll be conditions too annoyed to put in mind of you that "El Canto" away from being played and supported by about every enormous artist out there, it also has been chosen to be one of the four tunes in the soundtrack of the lawful Minus Tommorrowland 2014 lookback video on their ritualistic YouTube avenue! The tracks here presented are in reality skip-prostrate bombs so what's liberal to say sooner then: GET Ripe TO Th! A glo 25 tracks compilation as a compliment to one of our greatest artists that contributed to figure the din of marker and put it more then previously supervised the illuminate with the stunning kick and worldwide outcome of his smash hits like "El Canto", "My Woofer", "Suan" and more. Distributed by Pressology – Emiliano, this his legitimate monicker, has decent started his own docket Passion To Predilection Records on which he's releasing gargantuan tracks! Our fans already be acquainted with that for Catslovebass summer means hot compilations and so here it comes "We fancy Emilove".

Emilove - El Canto (Original Mix)
Emilove - English Institute (Original Mix)
Emilove - Suan (Original Mix)
Emilove - Kabal (Original Mix)
Emilove - Macuko (Original Mix)
Emilove - El Mundo Democratico (Original Mix)
Emilove - Mambaluk (Original Mix)
Emilove - My Woofer (Original Mix)
Emilove - El Beso (Original Mix)
Emilove - Create (Original Mix)
Emilove - Grezer (Original Mix)
Emilove - Boys (Original Mix)
Emilove - Pook (Original Mix)
Emilove - Before (Original Mix)
Emilove, DJ FA - Funny (Original Mix)
Emilove, Genluigi Pepe - The Mule (Original Mix)
Emilove, Genluigi Pepe - 2C (Original Mix)
Emilove, Genluigi Pepe - Petal (Original Mix)
Emilove, Genluigi Pepe - Defect (Original Mix)
Emilove, Genluigi Pepe - Defect (Emiliano Naples Remix)
Vin Vega - Back (Emilove Remix 1)
Vin Vega - Back (Emilove Remix 2)
Diamandy - Joy (Emilove & Emiliano Naples Remix)
Emilove, Emiliano Naples - Landing (Original Mix)
Emilove, Emiliano Naples - No stop Music (Original Mix)