Emanuele Rizzuto – Hand Made Illusions [KAPVT MVNDI]

As a conclusion the settlement was made to deliver to the Cirrus contract fully as a unending alias. With his use of sampler manipulation and athletic basslines he comes with the sounds that Turbine has ever stood for, Stone Siberian experimentation

After DJ'ing and producing for a variety of years call of individual alias', in tardy 2012 Ian Moss took it upon himself to perpetrate fully to well-developed viewpoint drum and bass, and the Cirrus scheme was born. Developing his din immediately, the elementary Cirrus productions were picked up. Looking in the lead
Cirrus continues to have pushing boundaries within the creation of Drum & Bass, while also focusing on his
own imprint, Terra Null Recordings. American regional Cirrus debuts on Turbine Music

Cirrus makes his inauguration on Turbine Music with 4 slabs of unadorned minimalist funk.

Emanuele Rizzuto - Zero Zero Due (Original Mix)
Emanuele Rizzuto - Monotron (Original Mix)