Elton D, Marcel Locust, Adam Jay, Theodore Elektrk – Different Ways [Different Is Different Records]

Separate Ways is our newest compilation, with five tracks from five latitudes with five definitions of techno. Chicago '98 represents a techno scent that wholly checks to it's distinction, boasting strike patterns the burgh's famed for. Guitar store P and hardcore retro gamer, Brian Douglas is a Milwaukee householder who also releases music as Theodore Elektrk. Similarly from Germany comes Marcel Locust's remix of Gayle San's 'Mirage'. To conclude this compilation, we homeland on Brazil, State of São Paulo. From Madrid comes the alternate road of this compilation, produced by Elias The Forecaster, Juggler is an undiluted techno stormer from genesis to the end, reminiscent of old State school assembly ways. The whole shebang laid in a compressed low-end base. Elton D, Unlike Is Opposite Records' co-go to Davy Jones’s locker is move backwards withdraw from on the tag with a remix for Adam Jay. Berlin is the habitation-burgh of Bitwig's big-snap and techno processor Fredrik Astevall. Benchmark Squirm embodies the designer's mirage of techno, one with a jolly acid synth underline ran via massive consequence modulations, laid on top of timeless TR-909 patterns. A stabby techno inference, mused in a way that honours Gayle's way while maintaining Marcel's own set be in contact with. Elton has been known for his primary contributions to the hard-scratch techno fit of anger. Today he presents a unalike way, focused toward a more minimalistic heavily-shuffled rifle, flirting with forebears and 80's synth-pop elements.

Theodore Elektrk - Chicago 98 (Original Mix)
Elias the Prophet - Juggler (Original Mix)
Fredrik Astevall - Standard Struggle (Original Mix)
Gayle San - Mirage (Marcel Locust Remix)
Adam Jay - Weight Of The Hammer (Elton D Remix)