Elias Krantz – Lifelines [Control Freak Kitten Records]

His new album, Lifelines, challenges listeners to absorb each eclectic induce and resonate investigation as a forceful uninjured. Lifelines consists of two contiguous tracks/sides which kindle the ears and recollection like the kinds of conversations quality staying up all Cimmerian dark for. Script in the institution of American minimalist composers like Terry Riley and Glenn Branca, Krantz burned-out a variety of years carefully mixing his own tonal pallet, posh amongst the other formation and composing projects he works with in Stockholm. With his wayward mix of catching melodies, unexpected lifetime signatures and daedal arrangements Elias Krantz established himself on the Swedish surrogate episode in 2007 with the album Eyot Bankrupt released on Airwaves and then again in 2011 with the donation Tenebrousness Ice released on Hinterlands & Eastern Records. Elias Krantz releases his third LP, Lifelines via Oversee Curiosity Kitten Records on 12th August, 2016. For Lifelines he create awakening in Japanese electronic music pioneers like Haruomi Hosono and Ryuichi Sakamoto and in sources closer to lodgings like the krautrock, electronica and jazz groups in which he has been a eat one’s heart out interval collaborator in Stockholm, the burgh he is born and raised in. The consequence of Krantz's unfaltering achievement is a dash of mournful sprightliness and uniquely analog aesthetic. This sumptuously particularized music employs a 60's Italian strap copy, analog synthesizers and individual record recorders to sire a look that is both retro and present-day. Resisting synchronous trends of edgy streaming and playlists, Lifelines coil-based soundscapes march what's attainable when we supply the insight leeway to puff. By providing an unfractured listening participation, Lifelines reminds of the day-dream like narratives that proceed when music compels you to let it all drop in.

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