Eliana, Queenofex, Trumaine Lamar, Dynasty – Forever, Dy [Symphonic Distribution]

After a compressed hiatus since the untie of A Superstar in Autobiography's Clothing with Jakarta Records, Family is subsidize with her self released album, Forever, DY. Distributed By Symphonic Dispensation – With assembly ranging from intrepid and moving (like the Apollo Brown produced "One Day") to melodic and ripened, DY is subsidize without missing pummel.

Dynasty, C-Rena - Greatness (feat. C-Rena) (Original Mix)
Dynasty - One Day (prod. by Apollo Brown) (Original Mix)
Dynasty - The Lord (Original Mix)
Dynasty - Knew Better (Original Mix)
Dynasty, Kafoeno - Loyalty (feat. Kafoeno) (Original Mix)
Dynasty - Still Here (Original Mix)
Dynasty, AJ Star - iAM (interlude) (feat. AJ Star) (Original Mix)
Dynasty, Trumaine Lamar - DreamPusher (feat. Trumaine Lamar) (Original Mix)
Dynasty, Queenofex - Hunnid Grand (feat. Queenofex) (Original Mix)
Dynasty - Fly With Me (Original Mix)
Dynasty, Eliana - BE (feat. Eliana) (Original Mix)