Elektrofant – 1992 [Beatservice]

The new journal is nothing less than strutting kudos to the old Alma Mater techno and cavort music from the at nineties. The strip was formed in 2001 by Klaus Skrudland. Their unconventional win on cavort music, both in output and instrumentation, gave Elektrofant an unmistakably unparalleled resonate from the absolutely day one. They debuted with a booming bang when they released the Flipstick EP in 2003. Eight years later, they speedily reemerged from their hiatus, with a banging new album called "1992". Elektrofant is an electronic act from Sandnes, Norway. Trond Anfinnsen was also fragment of the bind until 2004, and was then replaced by Knut Jonas Sellevold. Measured more, it brings bankroll b reverse the outstanding, analogue, waggish, uncommon, colorful and unyielding hitting, groovy Elektrofant feeling. The look-in prints, also named Flipstick, became a mountainous radiohit and has since then been regarded as a Norwegian electronic music venerable. After these two records, a cluster TV and present shows and cosmopolitan touring both in Norway and Europe, Elektrofant disappeared from the music furore in 2008. In 2004, their original LP "Wørk" was released, which kept the primordial effect, but also added elements from finished and incarnation music, as well enough as some vocals. This recite was also exceedingly wonderfully received by both steam and fans and also gained intercontinental notice.

Elektrofant - Bit 99 (Original Mix)
Elektrofant - Chantelle (Original Mix)
Elektrofant - Monica (Original Mix)
Elektrofant - Mica Paris (Original Mix)
Elektrofant - Heather (Original Mix)
Elektrofant - Charlize (Original Mix)
Elektrofant - Ridwan (Original Mix)
Elektrofant - Brandy (Original Mix)
Elektrofant - XTC (Original Mix)