Electrofood CH, Windom R, Mechanical Pressure, Sergei Orange – The Newer World [Rune Recordings]

The music we name – Breaks. The introduce of 'neurogressive breaks' – Sergei Orange – is sent beyond the anyhow prospect, where, together with his listeners, he enriches the episode in search of a new sphere. RUNE078: Sergei Orange – «The Newer World» LP – is a conceptual album from RUNE Recordings, earnest to spaciousness probe. On account of occasion and intermission, we look foremost to expanding the frontiers of conversance, which is the starting stage of music. "Upper-class BEATPORT Untie Woman – 08-23-2016" Each of the ten tracks tells the horror story of the travels beyond Loam's exigency road to the unfamiliar and rousing humanity of the World.

Sergei Orange - Departure (Original Mix)
Mechanical Pressure, Sergei Orange - Arrivals (Original Mix)
Sergei Orange - Exploration (Original Mix)
Sergei Orange - Invasion (Original Mix)
Sergei Orange - Lair Of The Enemy (Original Mix)
Sergei Orange - Research (Original Mix)
Sergei Orange, Windom R - Lecture (Original Mix)
Sergei Orange - Engine Room (Original Mix)
Sergei Orange, Electrofood CH - Buy Time (Original Mix)
Sergei Orange - Newer World (Original Mix)