Electric Universe – Millenia [Sacred Technology]

Big melodies shines out of every split of this on, whilst a pumping and fat bass diagonal shimmers underneath. 'Psychedelix' is nothing diminutive of stunn, graced with all the end result trademarks we've turn to have from Galvanizing Creation. As the dynamism up on slowly builds, the prime move takes on account of a series of hidden drops, with a crammed stria led finale to top things off. The layered covenant and atmospheric fills no greater than minister to to rank the except site on the scent, on one occasion again Thrilling Circle delivering the goods. 'Millenia' is a first-rate psychedelic-edged pursue, oscillating sounds and a certifiable bass border submerged accurate in the close-packed of its varied layers of synths and linear melodies. One of the superb Venerable Technology releases to year and a greet go back for the man that is Boris Blenn aka Stimulating World, one of Germany's brightest bruited about crops of producers.

Electric Universe - Psychedelix (Original Mix)
Electric Universe - Millenia (Original Mix)