Ektor Eros, Fhaken, Radio Complex, Dhyan Droik – Delayed Delivery [Different Sound]

We are proud to present the next artist Dhyan Droik on Different Sound with Delayed Delivery
This EP included two big tracks " Delayed Delivery & Get In " .
Get In is very aggressive , designed specifically for darker selections .
Delayed Delivery is very persistent percussion steals the spotlight as it intertwines with kick & bass is very cool .
But let's not forget big remixs of this ep
Bulaklak, Radio Complex, Ektor Eros, Fhaken .

Distributed by Pressology –

Dhyan Droik - Delayed Delivery (Original Mix)
Dhyan Droik - Get In (Original Mix)
Dhyan Droik - Get in (Bulaklak Remix)
Dhyan Droik - Get In (Radio Complex Remix)
Dhyan Droik - Get In (Fhaken Remix)
Dhyan Droik - Delayed Delivery (Ektor Eros Remix)