Ejaz, JP Chronic, Nozen, Sossa – Badala [Chronovision Ibiza]

Our discharge of this summer comes in not too parts from our logo Godfather Sossa create remaining dj & financial manager at DC10's Circoloco Ibiza and invariable at the most respected clubs all over the the public, who we had the contentment to had been included in Solomun's Wide-ranging Subway compilation with his distinguish "Moog" out of his latest ep on our imprint "Yellow Ep" and his late-model engagement Talkback with Jacopo GI who we are having the dispensation to be experiencing them remixing a join of our latest releasesSossa comes second this summer 2016 with a pair singles starting with "Badala" carrying his signature tone, symbolic & nonconformist with a vastly robust dance planking verge + a most welcome remix lot from our closest allies and especial guests, starting with marker boss and workaholic boulevardier Jp Long-lasting delivering his latin tech lodgings fastener adaptation with a jackin head sta topping up on with some salsarin jet-black synths followed by our rare roomer on this honky-tonk that is Stil Vor Propensity artist Kellerkind from Switzerland delivering a mountain moment cut in condition for the summer bunnies, that leads us to Romanian's artist Boola known on epithet such as Innervisions or Ar:pia:r who we had the contentment of having with us final summer remixing El Chino & Hector Moralez's "We Doin it" bringing us his hypnotic and creativity false step expedition workout that opens yet another humankind of wizardry & creativity moral as we devotion it here at the stamp's headquarters, now is a expressively awaited artist for all on our imprint is frenchy colletif Octogon from Marwan Sabb who linked us up with NOZEN for this metro smallest techno intersection that purposefulness wake up most of y'all unlatched wings birds waiting for the departure lane to be assigned and to end this dazzling lot is nothing less that our new roster add, dweller of Pacha Dubai where his warming up for artists such as John Digweed or Hernan Cattaneo, you can parallel with bump into uncover his podcast & mixes on Emirates flights even-handed to favour a few of his late buzz, Ejaz delivers a equitable techno store cut to wreck any subway big chamber social planking, that we are very much gratified in our purpose of bringing you the nicest remixes to suits most of you'll tastes, longing you profit from them and choose let us be inf if you chart, trail index or regular moral your feedback on those teeny-weeny acceptable cocktails for the summer

Sossa - Badala (Original Mix)
Sossa - Badala (Kellerkind Remix)
Sossa - Badala (Nozen Remix)
Sossa - Badala (JP Chronic Remix)
Sossa - Badala (Ejaz Remix)