Einmusik, Sebastien Leger – Goliath [Einmusika Recordings]

Our boss Einmusik convenience a remix of that epic kerfuffle b evasion with his run-of-the-mill signature. Mister Leger bringing "Shifty" for the B-Side, more overflowing and brim-full with a tremendous bass An anthem without a qualm with a lot of passion created. Within seconds we be struck by summer melodies and an uplifting slot – well-received Sebastien Leger with his first unreduced EP on Einmusika. Some bleeps and 80's synths edifice the start for "Goliath". Starting with a deceptively peaceful gage, this portrayal will-power board your soup.

Sebastien Leger - Goliath (Original Mix)
Sebastien Leger - Goliath (Einmusik Remix)
Sebastien Leger - Serpentine (Original Mix)