Egbert, Secret Cinema – Elementen [Gem Records]

They tell on out venues with their endorse to subsidize composite sets and fly the roof down every period. So we can already let something be known you it brings guaranteed devastation! With Maximaal silent hot in the charts, Arcane Cinema and Egbert comply with up with Elementen on Gem Records! Cryptographic Cinema and Egbert receive been a parallel made in techno skies since the premier interval they crossed paths. Therefor it may make as a dumfound that this is on the other hand their fourth unchain together. And what an wonderful one it is!! Elementen has been tried and tested all on the other side of the ball in the forefront making its way to an proper emancipate. Impressive hammering rebound drums and bassline, tenebrous and freaky effects and that wearying expensive deliberate arpeggiator All thrown together in an spotless creation which is both raw and superb at the identical metre. Egbert was right away signed to Gem Records and they knackered countless hours together in the studio.

Secret Cinema, Egbert - Elementen (Original Mix)