Effenem – Laus Murmuri Ep [Phobiq]

Closing up, "Phyxis" pushes the melodic overtones level moreover, with underhanded electronics interlaced in every nook the guileful array. "Nyx" continues in the but nervure, relying heavily on the riffs and acting as the unrivalled below to "Nortia" where we are treated to haunting synths but with a more stripped-down overtures. The stomping designate oversee kicks things off, boasting looped-out vocals and the most looming of stabs. Effenem put in an appearance again to phobiq with a jam-packed come out with, presenting four slices of futuristic Techno.

Effenem - Laus Murmuri (Original Mix)
Effenem - Nyx (Original Mix)
Effenem - Nortia (Original Mix)
Effenem - Phyxis (Original Mix)