Eder Tobes, DanicoDJ, David Kinnard, Jair Ydan – Krups Ep [Psicotropic Records]

Psicotropic Records, welcomes two new artists of the race, Jair Ydan, David Kinnard. What are you waiting for your rightful specimen? Okay bassline, percussion and okay soup that characterizes Psicotropic. Including DanicoDJ and Eder Tobes, old members. Distributed by Triplepoint – Specific for your winsome sets. They report a titanic EP with a lot of rifling and hugely bluff, Krups EP.

Jair Ydan - Krups (Original Mix)
Jair Ydan - Krups (David Kinnard Remix)
Jair Ydan - Krups (Eder Tobes, DanicoDJ Remix)