Eder Alvarez, Zafra, Tripmastaz ‘Plant 74 Warrior’ Dubb, Prince.L – My Description Ep [Osmosis Audio]

We're very proud to welcome someone who has been supporting Osmosis since it was just an idea. He hails from the Bronx, NY and manages two labels and recently launched his own imprint, Priroslin. He has been on fire lately with recent releases on Baile Musik, Yoruba Grooves, Listen:React and now Osmosis Audio. My Description EP includes three dynamically dubbed out original cuts with expressive vocals and captivating builds and three remixes by Zafra, Eder Alvarez and Tripmastaz. As always, if you like this release we encourage you to buy, chart and share. All rights reserved | | Distributed by Pressology | Release Date:

Distributed by Pressology –

Prince.L - Are You (Original Mix)
Prince.L - Are You (Tripmastaz 'Plant 74 Warrior' Dubb)
Prince.L - Are You (Zafra Remix)
Prince.L - I Exist (Original Mix)
Prince.L - I Exist (Eder Alvarez Remix)
Prince.L - Est. 88 (Original Mix)