Ed Carlsen – The Journey Tapes [Moderna]

The Course Tapes was recorded/half-bred in through a several of sessions in London (UK) and mastered by Francesco Donadello at Calyx Studios Berlin (AWVFTS Dustin OHalloran Efterklang Peter Broderick Federico Albanese Johann Johannsson Michael Sacrifice etc). In an attempt to cure an natural arrange as the pith of the albums soundworld Carlsen sampled and processed a series of reallife sounds to consummation the acoustic instruments. Inspired by the landscapes of Ravnholm Skov in Denmark the six essential tracks were written in the summer of 2015. Oscillating between cinematic instrumentals and gripping electronics The Route Tapes solid feeling palette features Carlsen on the piano with a leading bent of supporting musicians : Julie Krog (vocals) Mattia Melis (bass) Bryony James (cello) and Sophie Ryan (violin). On his foremost transactions Carlsen crafts an autochthonous select on the today’s serious class that eloquently demonstrates his versatility as a composer pianist and arranger. The concept moves from Close off to Far ghostly to Negro (with murky in between) woman to adult or Caged to L. Environmental sounds such as squall and footsteps are against to reason the music in a bold ambience while measured sounds (exploding fireworks a spoon hitting a coffee cup a shot falling on a metal lid chairs being moved here and cutlery etc) are employed to sire the drumkit acclimated to in the tracks Untrammelled and Enclose. The concept is inwards particular in identity marking top-level stages of an individuals excrescence from infancy to completion cursory during darker moments of insecurity. Moderna Records announces the diss of Ed Carlsens premiere album The Jaunt Tapes.

Ed Carlsen - Close (Original Mix)
Ed Carlsen - Cage (Original Mix)
Ed Carlsen - Grey (Original Mix)
Ed Carlsen - Rain (Original Mix)
Ed Carlsen - Loose (Original Mix)
Ed Carlsen - Far (Original Mix)
Ed Carlsen - Hundrede Træer (Original Mix)